The Angeline M. Parks Visiting Professorship

The Angeline M. Parks Visiting Professorship

The members of the Costenbader Society established this annual Visiting Professorship in Memory of Angeline M. Parks to perpetuate her qualities of warmth and support between physician and spouse for the benefit of pediatric ophthalmologists and their young patients. The Angeline M. Parks Memorial lecture is presented annually at the National Children’s Medical Center

Angeline Parks Visting Professorship on March 6th, 2015** (Michael Repka, MD), 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
 **8-9 AM  Lecture   PEDIG Studies: Major Studies and Unexpected Results.
 9:30 AM-12:00 Noon  Grand Rounds
 12 Noon – 1:00 Pm  Lunch
 1-3 PM  Journal club  Surgical Management of Paretic Cranial Nerves (CN III and VI)

Past Angeline M. Parks Memorial Lecture

The Angeline M. Parks Visiting Lectures

1989                Eugene M. Helveston, MD

1990                John A. Pratt-Johnson, MD

1991                John T. Flynn, MD

1992                Richard A. Lewis, MD

1993                Gunter K. von Noorden, MD

1994                Richard M. Robb, MD

1995                David L. Guyton, MD

1996                Forrest D. Ellis, MD

1997                Marilyn T. Miller, MD

1998                Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MD

1999                David S. I. Taylor, FRCS, FRCPCH

2000                Anthony D.N. Murray, FRCS, FRCOphth

2001                Burton J. Kurshner, MD

2002                Jerry A. Shields, MD

2003                Creig S. Hoyt, MD

2004               Lawrence Tychsen, MD

2005               Joseph H. Calhoun, MD

2006               Alan B. Scott, MD

2007               Edward G. Buckley, MD, Joseph Demer, MD

2008               Stephen P. Kraft, MD

2008               Arthur L. Rosenbaum, MD, William S. Tasman, MD

2011                James Katowitz, MD

2012-13          Paul Sieving, MD, Neil R. Miller, MD

2014                Susan H. Day, MD

2015                Michael X. Repka

2015-16          Robert B. Nussenblatt, MD