“Dr Costenbader operated on me in 1960 & ’61 for strabismus in both eyes when I was two and three years of age. When as an adult some twenty years later I wished to thank Dr Costenbader I found out he had died several years before. It has been a considerable regret that I did not have a chance to tell him thank you and also to inform him of my plans for a then burgeoning career. Without him, his dedication to pediatric ophthalmology and pioneering eye surgery, my life would have taken a much different trajectory. For the past 35 years I have had a rewarding career as a professional easel painter and for the past 20 years a professor of painting & drawing in the graduate program at the New York Academy of Art. My specialty in both my practice and teaching is classic linear perspective, a means by which one can analyze and depict light so that the illusion of space is conveyed. My debt to Dr Costenbader [also to his colleagues and other pediatric ophthalmologists] is one that I hope my artwork can be considered as form of repayment and acknowledgement. Images of my paintings and drawings are displayed at this website: http://connorsfinearts.com.”

– Patrick Connors


“I was first operated on by Dr. Costenbader in 1952 at the age of 4. At that time he indicated to my parents that unless I learned to use my left eye by the time I was 7 years old that I would lose my sight in that eye.

Due to Dr. Costenbader and Dr. Parks, who took on my case in 1975 when I was 27, I have lived a very fruitful and full life.

My eyesight was saved by these two remarkable men and I am eternally thankful to them.”

– James P. Hill