Marshall M. Parks Lecture

American Academy of Ophthalmology

The Marshall M. Parks Lecture

The Marshall M. Parks Lecture is sponsored by the Costenbader Society to honor the contributions of a remarkable man.  As one of the founding fathers of the subspecialty of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, Dr. Parks has nurtured and directed the course of this subspecialty, while enabling scores of students to stand on his shoulders to view the future of pediatric ophthalmology.

Among his numerous organizational accomplishments, several of fundamental significance include: President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology; Chairman of the American Board of Ophthalmology; President of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology; Founder and first President of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus; and the Founder and Chairman of the National Children’s Eye Care Foundation.  His generosity of spirit and wisdom has profoundly contributed to the well being of countless patients and professional lives.  He has been honored with the American Ophthalmological Society’s Howe Medal, induction into the Knights of St. John of Malta, and selection as one of the ten most influential ophthalmologists of the twentieth century. Such honors attest to the national and international magnitude of his many contributions.

The extent and influence of his contributions to the literature is apparent in reading Dr. Parks’ work for the original description of foundational knowledge of pediatric ophthalmology. Within pediatric ophthalmology, Dr. Parks’ years of clinical experience, expertise as an educator, and boundless energy remain unparalleled.  His passion is apparent as he ignites flames in others who have had the opportunity to observe him in his tireless dedication.  That thousands of residents and practitioners and more than 130 fellows have benefited from his training is testament to his dedication to teaching.  It is impossible to imagine the world of pediatric ophthalmology without his seminal contributions regarding sensory adaptations to strabismus, the monofixation syndrome, diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia, the benefits of early strabismus surgery, management of infantile cataracts, the three step test for cyclovertical strabismus, gradable oblique muscle surgery, mechanisms of restrictive syndromes, innovative surgical techniques for strabismus, cataracts and glaucoma, and the books and scientific articles that have guided so many to provide optimal care for children.  The Marshall M. Parks Lecture is presented annually at the Academy of Ophthalmology meeting.

The Marshall M. Parks Lecturers

1999 Lawrence Tychsen, MD – “Can Ophthalmologists Repair the brain? Functional and Structural Abnormalities of the CNS in Infantile Esotropia”

2000 John D. Baker, MD – “The Correction of Adult Strabismus: A Value to Patients”

2001 Sherwin J. Isenberg, MD – “Pediatric Blindness in Underdeveloped Countries: The Problem and Possible Solutions”

2002 Eileen Birch, PhD – “Sensory Outcomes in Acquired Strabismus”

2003 William E. Scott, MD – “Outcomes with Full-time Occlusion Therapy”

2004  Edward G. Buckley, MD – “Secondary IOLs in Children”

2005 Edward L. Raab, MD – “Parameters for Surgical Planning in Complex Strabismus”

2006 Alan B. Scott, MD – “Adult Strabismus”

2007 Michael X. Repka, MD – “Long-Term Outcomes for Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients”

2008 Elias I. Traboulsi, MD – “Making Sense of Early Onset Childhood Retinal Dystrophies”

2009 John T. Flynn, MD – “ROP: Past, Present, and Future”

2010 Graham E. Quinn, MD – “Emmetropization: What Can Go Wrong and How to Manipulate the Process”

2011 Sharon F. Freedman, MD – “Diagnosis and Management of Uveitic Glaucoma in Childhood”

2012 C. Gail Summers, MD – “Corneal Manifestations of Genetic Disease”

2013 M. Edward Wilson Jr MD – “Aphakia, Pseudophakia, and Polypseudophakia: Refractive Management of the Pediatric Lens”

2014 James A. Katowitz MD – “Craniofacial Malformations”

2015 David A. Mackey MD – “The Future Progression of Myopia: Seeing Where We Are Going”

2016 Michael C. Brodsky, MD – “Ocular Motor Misbehavior in Children”

2017 Edwin M. Stone, MD, PhD – “Curing Heritable Blindness”

2018 Jonathan M. Holmes, MD- “Evolution of Evidence-Based Amblyopia Treatment”