Frank D. Costenbader Lecture

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

 The Frank D. Costenbader Lecture

The Frank D. Costenbader Lecture was inaugurated in 1974 at the Costenbader Alumni Society annual meeting to honor Dr. Costenbader, a renowned strabismologist and a founder of pediatric ophthalmology. The American Association of for Pediatric Ophthalmology was created at this same meeting. From its inception, the AAPO, later named the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS), undertook to sponsor the Frank D. Costenbader Lecture. Dr. Costenbader became an invalid in 1970 and was unable to attend the lecture that honored him. Since his death in 1978 the lectures have memorialized the man who had the foresight and the courage to begin a subspecialty in ophthalmology, and the talent and dedication to train and mold the next generation according to his ideals. The Frank D. Costenbader Lecture is presented annually at the APPOS meeting.

The Frank D. Costenbader Lecturers

1974    Los Angeles                Marshall M. Parks, MD

1975    Lake Tahoe                 Robert N. Shaffer, MD

1976    Bermuda                      Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MD

1977    San Francisco              T. Keith Lyle, MD

1978    Williamsburg               Jules Francois, MD

1979    Toronto                       Robison D. Harley, MD

1980    San Diego                    David C. Cogan, MD

1981    Orlando                       Philip Knapp, MD

1982    Monterey                    Joseph Lang, MD

1983    Vancouver                   Jack C. Crawford, MD

1984    Vail                              Gunter K. von Noorden, MD

1985    Puerto Rico                 Arthur J. Jampolsky, MD

1986    Maui                           Robert M. Ellsworth, MD

1987    Scottsdale                    John E. Wright, MD

1988    Boston                         Alan B. Scott, MD

1989    Kiawah                        Kenneth C. Swan, MD

1990    Lake George                John T. Flynn, MD

1991    Montreal                     John A. Pratt-Johnson, MD

1992    Maui                           Eugene M. Helveston, MD

1993    Palm Springs               Henry S. Metz, MD

1994    Vancouver                   William E. Scott, MD

1995    Orlando                       Eugene R. Folk, MD

1996    Snowbird                     Marilyn T. Miller, MD

1997    Charleston                   Robert D. Reinecke, MD

1998    Palm Springs               David L. Guyton, MD

1999    Toronto                       Malcolm L. Mazow, MD

2000    San Diego                    David R. Stager, Sr., MD

2001    Orlando                       Forrest Daryel Ellis, MD

2002    Seattle                         Creig S. Hoyt, MD

2003    Hawaii                         Burton J. Kurshner, MD

2004    Washington, DC         Arthur L. Rosenbaum, MD

2005    Orlando                       Albert W. Biglan, MD

2006   Keystone, CO             Earl A. Palmer, MD

2007    Seattle, WA                 John D. Baker, MD

2008    Washington, DC          Edward G. Buckley, MD

2009     San Francisco               Richard A. Saunders, MD

2010     Orlando                        Linn Murphree, MD

2011      San Diego, CA               Susan H. Day, MD

2012    San Antonio, TX           Michael X. Repka, MD

2013    Boston                           M. Edward Wilson

2014     Palm Springs                John F. O’ Neill

2015     New Orleans                 David S. Walton

2016     Vancouver                Edward L. Raab, MD

2017     Nashville               Steven M. Archer, MD

2018     Washington, DC            Elias I. Traboulsi, MD